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Stage Lighting

Dance Floor Lighting

Our lighting is state-of-the-art Intelligent lighting. We can provide Moving Heads, Color Changers, Scanners, LED’s, etc. Our light shows are all programmed and run from a computerized controller. We will work with you to provide the light show look you are looking for...be it a classy color wash to set a mood...to a full all out high-end nightclub effect.

Decor and Theme Lighting

Up-Lighting is hot. We use DMX controlled LED’s and can match your special room or decor colors. These lights can also be programmed to run as a part of your dance floor light show.

Special Effects

Custom Lighting Gobos, Starry Sky Effect, Black Light Show, Smoke/Hazer Machines, Dance Floor Platforms, etc. are also available. We can also provide a "Skywriter Laser" which allows us to provide images, logos, monograms, etc. This will make any wedding reception, party or corporate function sizzle.

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